Sunday, 11 October 2015

New garden and autumn crafting

We have very much settled into our new home here in the Silverdale and Arnside area. It's wonderful and very special to be beside the coast and enjoy fabulous views over Morecambe Bay. As the photos below show, we have inherited a lovely garden which we have enjoyed in late summer and now in its autumn finery.

I am on a steep learning curve, still learning what all the plants are, and am constantly suprised by what appears as the seasons change. By all accounts the garden is spectacular in the spring with a profusion of bulbs and early summer flowers. So looking forward to that!
Meanwhile late summer and autumn has provided some unexpected delights,

Schizostylis coccinea

Hibiscus bloom
Some autumn baking, inspired by Great British Bake Off,

French madeleines

I have managed to keep up a decent level of knitting and stitching

House on Acorn Hill by Blackbird Designs

Socks for DH

A Sockhead Hat for me!

Hope you are enjoying some slow autumn stitching.