Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Loom, a Mule and some Slow Stitchery

On my recent trip to Bolton Museum's Chadwick Resource Centre with the British Quilt Study Group, as well as the beautiful quilts and coverlets, our visit included a tour of the entire storage facility.  The textile collection is not the only treasure trove here; Bolton Museum has some incredible machinery in their stores.

I managed a couple of photos. This beautiful loom,

This massive "Fine Spinning Mule" made by Dobson and Barlow, 1927, donated to Bolton Museum in 1966. This Mule is designed for the spinning of fine yarn, and very probably the last example of its kind.

I was also lucky enough to come across these two beautiful 19th century samplers displayed on the wall as we walked around,

Meanwhile I have been working on some slow hand stitching on linen  of my own:

"Amazing Grace" by The Nebby Needle (for my grand daughter Grace)

"Netty's Sampler" Drum Pinkeep by Stacy Nash

"Three Tulips" by  With thy Needle and Thread (I just love the hare on this design!)

And knitting my first triangular shawl !!

3S Shawl by Amy A. Meade

Do some slow stitching today!